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Why you shouldn’t give out your phone number online

It can be as simple as giving out a phone number for another person to get access to your personal information.

Your phone number can provide access to highly sensitive people, as well as information that can lead to identity theft. Identity theft is when somebody uses another person's identifying information such as their name, credit card number, identification number and more, without authorized permission.

It is important to be very careful about who you share your personal phone number with.

Other things you should never share online is your full name, email, usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, etc. You should also be careful doing face reveals to your followers and online friends. You’ll be surprised how they can figure out exactly who you are with a simple face reveal.

One common action that leads to identity theft is clicking on unknown links. A simple click of a link can transfer your data to an unknown source which once again can lead to identity theft, fraud, spam, and viruses. If you do not recognize the link or do not know the person very well, DO NOT click that link! I recommend only accepting links from family members, and people you know in real life.

Some people online will make you believe they are trustworthy, but there's a catch. Once you give them any information, they could only use it against you. Do not trust anybody online unless you know exactly who they’re with, and know them in real life.

This is all based on my personal recommendations. You should seek further research to find out more. This blog is to establish a simple understanding of the online dangers when giving out information.

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