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Top 5 Ways You Can Pursue a Career in Digital Media


Digital media is the cornerstone of 21st Century journalism. It's also, according to Indeed, "the future of the technology era." A career in digital media often requires many responsibilities, including "designing and developing content for marketing initiatives, websites, video games and animation." If you are interested in pursuing a career in digital media, it's very important to understand the ropes on how you can get started and what jobs you want to consider. Below are the top five ways you can pursue a career in digital media, courtesy of Indeed:

Learn the Basics of Digital Media

If you want to pursue a career in the digital media industry, it's extremely important for beginners to first learn its main components. There are a lot of different avenues in digital media, and it's also important for anyone to work with a variety of tools, technologies and techniques. A bachelor's degree is required to pursue careers in this industry, but a lot of new technologies have opened the door to various career paths. According to Indeed, "a background in digital skills, like coding, multimedia design and programming, can give you an advantage if you do not have a college degree."

Become a Social Media Expert

Indeed also states that "digital and social media are synonyms today." This means that it's impossible to pursue a career in digital media without gaining expert-level knowledge in several areas, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Ads and Facebook. Since experts learn from reliable sources, it's best to build an online community that will help you commit to continuing education. According to Indeed, in order to become a social media expert, "you must thoroughly understand audience behavior and develop relevant hard and soft skills to ensure that you can manage diverse responsibilities, no matter what digital media job you pursue."

Create an Online Portfolio

To establish an online presence, you must create a solid digital portfolio. This can either be in the form of a website or blog. An important thing to know, according to Indeed, is that "digital media is practical and not theoretical." Your website is a key essential for success and it gives you the opportunity to "apply the different techniques you learn in class into practice, even before working with clients." To make your website more professional, it's best to get a personalized domain name instead of a free platform. Also according to Indeed, "many clients look beyond certification when hiring candidates for digital media positions, so a website with high rankings is an added advantage."

Get an Internship Position

A beneficial way to gain valuable experience and skills in the digital media industry is to look for internships in established industries. According to Indeed, "as an intern, you learn more about the best practices in various digital media careers." If you are a college student, it's best to look for an internship prior to graduating, since most agencies offer students such opportunities.

Stay Informed and Up-to-Date

Digital media is a powerful industry, and you need to stay current if you want to pursue this career path long-term. Digital media trends change almost every day because of new updates or disruptive technologies. No matter what digital media career you pursue, you must always prepare yourself to continue learning to stay current with changing industry trends. Some helpful tips to learn about the latest trends include joining online chat forums and subscribing to industry leaders.

Here are some helpful tips for anyone new to the digital media industry:
  • Enroll in a course first before sending out your resume

  • Learn how to make a great impression to increase your chances of getting selected during interviews

  • NOTE: You can start a digital media career by joining a company or freelancing

SOURCE: "8 Careers in Digital Media (With Steps to Get Started)." Accessed November 10, 2022.

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