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What is your student doing after graduation?
Not quite ready for college?
Not ready for a full-time job?
Needs help with job skills?

Skills academy Can Help!

SAVC offers vocational and independent living programs, along with national certifications for specific programs. Students completing these programs have a distinct advantage when they enter the workforce.

Why are SAVC programs different?

⋅ SAVC provides job placement and job coaching.

⋅ SAVC offers placement in paid internships.

⋅ SAVC assists with procuring school district and state funding for qualified students.

⋅ SAVC gives your student the necessary education after high school to develop the job and independent living skills to live a successful life!

Vocational Programs

—National Certification

—National Certification

—Certificate of Completion

—National Certification

—Certificate of Completion

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OTHER Programs





DAY Program

SAVC also has day programs for students not ready for vocational programs.

  • Cooking & Sewing
  • Crafts
  • Music & Arts
  • Out & About
  • Sports & Special Olympics programs
  • Social Skills
  • Reading & Math
  • Independent Living
  • Volunteering
  • Lego Club

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Pre-Vocational Training

SAVC not only teaches job skills, but also the skills students need to get and retain a job. These Soft Job Skills are some of the hardest skills for students with learning issues or Autism to grasp. It is hard for our students to get and keep jobs without these skills. SAVC strives to teach our students how not just to get a job, but how to keep and thrive at a job.

Here is an example of our Pre-Vocational Program.

Developing Interests and Ability Areas

1. The Career Continuum
    a. Community Service/Volunteering
    b. Supervised Internship
    c. Internship to work
    d. Employment
2. Exploring Career Choices
    a. Build a relationship with your job coach
    b. Build transferable skills
    c. Discover career interests
3. Goodness of Fit
    a. Employer fit
    b. Environmental fit
    c. Sensory fit
    d. Intellectual fit
    e. Emotional fit
    f. A note on Stress

Eight Skills Employers Look For

1. Communication
2. Teamwork
3. Problem Solving and Critical Thinking
4. Initiative and Leadership
5. Planning and Organizing
6. Self-Management
7. Willingness to Learn
8. Technological Proficiency

The Employment Toolkit

1. Making a Career/Ability Portfolio
2. Developing a Resume
3. Creating a Cover Letter
4. Filling out an Application
5. Preparing for a New Job

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